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System planning & design

The understanding of complex business workflows requires good communication skills, analytical and logical thinking as well as accurate administration and planning.

Consultancy & project management

We’ve seen it all and have learned from it all. We take steps to avoid and solve problems before they arise.

Coding & development

Our in-house development team consists of senior expers only. We work on long term projects usually.

Support & Maintenance

We provide maintenance and support to our projects, therefore to make our life easy, we have to produce reliable softwares.

About Us

Bit and Pixel is a team of developers and consultants with over 15 years of experience in planning, developing and maintaining SaaS systems, web and mobile applications and other custom, high-security enterprise-level softwares for unique business needs.

Most of the software products designed and developed by Bit and Pixel over the past 15 years have been designed to provide a functional, easy to use, sustainable solution for our clients’ unique business needs.

The understanding of complex business workflows requires many varied disciplines: absolute accuracy, the ability to understand our clients’ business goals, to translate these into software code, time management, prioritisation, carrying out test cases, meticulousness, as well as many others. It also requires good communication skills, analytical and logical thinking as well as accurate administration and planning.

The key of secure software development is to produce good quality, effective software codes incorporating a “security by design” approach from the outset of a project through to its conclusion.

During the implementation phase we use a "Test Driven Development" methodology to avoid costly hidden bugs, and to ensure we produce the highest quality software code. The continuous integration methodology and technology creates an environment where every software update has to go through an automated testing process during the publishing phase. This environment allows us to publish updates and changes in the system only when the new codes have passed these tests.

The methodologies, design philosophies and technologies used by our organisation create the necessary basis for the production of extremely high quality, impregnably high security, sustainable software products.

Detailed planning, accurate specification of features, goals and methodologies used in the design and implementation phases help us to create easily maintainable, stable, secure products that fulfill the business needs of our clients.

Our works

Our projects ranging from middle sized to enterprise-level, 10,000+ working hour. Therefore we work only on few projects a year to dedicate our team only one thing at a time. Quality requires dedication. We believe in quality and long term partnerships.


HAMS.online is the fastest growing land, wildlife management and conservation system and software.

Designed to support everyone involved in wildlife management, hunting, shooting and conservation. With hundreds of new members signing-up across the world every day the system is at the heart of sustainable conservation.

HAMS.online is in partnership with organisation such as Ireland's largest forestry Coillte (managing 7% of Ireland's territory), Scottish Land and Estates (oversees 30% of Scottland's territory). Our North-American sales partner is iSportsman, managing the land of 50 military bases and public lands of Kansas.

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Official Gazette of the Republic of Hungary (Magyar Közlöny)

Bit and Pixel has been responsible for the design, development and maintenance of one the highest security software systems in Hungary, which is responsible for providing workflow and document management for the publication of the Official Gazette* of the Republic of Hungary (since 2014).

*The Official Gazette is a publication that has been authorised to publish public or legal notices.

Skills used and experience gained during the project:

  • understanding of the Hungarian legislative and announcement processes
  • design and specification of a high security system infrastructure and software that is capable of protecting the integrity of any information and document before the official announcement
  • design and implementation of the necessary workflow management engine
  • design and development of the document and data management and exchange platform
  • design and development of a high-security user management and legitimacy system
  • integration and use of PKI solutions
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Wildlife Estates Accreditation portal

Scottish Land&Estates is the voice of rural Scotland for over 100 years. SLE is the perfect example of how a 100 years old organisation keeps its heritage and tradition while choosing and adopting the latest technologies.

Scottish Land & Estates manages the Wildlife Estates Scotland (WES) initiative, which aims to promote the best game and wildlife management practices, build recognition and raise standards through the introduction of an objective accreditation system.

Successful and sustainable delivery of wildlife management requires adopting a partnership approach and working together.

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WWF Living Danube

Multilinguage, parallax, desktop-tablet compatible website with an integrated Facebook quiz game.

Why would you list a project that has been made in 2014? Because this project showcases that a top-quality project stays fresh for many-many years.

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Trafó - The House of Contemporary Arts

Trafó, the internationally respected Contemporary arts institute has been working with Bit and Pixel since 2011. We proudly support them because Trafó represents the same in art as we represent in software development.

Trafó House of Contemporary Arts in Budapest is a receptive venue unique in Hungary, and is also a cornerstone of the international contemporary arts scene, showcasing various genres – theatre, dance, new circus, music and visual arts – in a unique and authentic manner.

The venue’s professional programme of events, presented in a post-industrial space, is based on a unified, yet diverse approach. Experimental and audience-friendly at the same time, and inspired by new innovations as well as cultural heritage, it provides a space for the presentation of work by both domestic Hungarian and international artists.

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